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Family, group and baby
Portrait Photography

We can accomodate up to 15 people in our Wirral studio or we can come to your home or a favourite location to photograph a variety of combinations of people.

We recommend that people think about and discuss what to wear as a group. Choosing a colour theme or making sure everyone is wearing clothing with a similar degree of informality can make a real difference to the look of the finished portrait.

We have even had people come dressed in colours to suit the wall where the portrait is destined to hang. Now there's planning for you!!

There are sometimes occasions when we are asked to match an existing formal or traditional style of portrait but we are usually asked for something more modern and relaxed to suit the current trends.

Whatever the style, you can rest assured that your portrait session will be fun and enjoyable while the results will be creative and flattering.

We are experienced at photographing people of all ages, starting with "Bump" photos of the Mum to be. We can then get lovely images of new born babies in those early weeks, individual children at all ages and group photos with their siblings and families.

One very popular option is to take multi-generation groups which are a treasured item in any family's photo albums. For a lot of our customers once they have managed to get all the families together we end up covering most of the above options for them.