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"The chances are that you have not needed to plan a wedding before so you are not sure where to start. The aim of this book is to help you to learn quickly so that you do not regret some of the decisions that you make."
—Gary & Karen

Wedding & Civil Partnerships

  • Selecting a photographer

    Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important decisions that you will make in planning your wedding. As no two photographers will produce the same results, it's obviously worth spending time looking around at the variety available and making an informed decision. Don't just pick up the phone and ask what the prices start from, you wouldn't do that for something as important as choosing your gown. Have you ever heard of anyone ringing up a dress shop to find out how much they cost?! Of course not, everyone knows that you need to look and try on before you can make a decision. Photography isn't any different - go and see it.

    This isn't a logical decision - it's an emotional one - who feels right for you. The only two questions that you can get intelligent answers to on the phone are i) Are you free for my date? ii) When can I make an appointment to meet you?

    The three things you need to check out before booking a photographer

  • The people

    This is the big one. Your photographer is going to be with you for a significant portion of your day, would you invite them as a guest? You need to be comfortable with them and confident that they are going to do what you want. Are they willing to listen to your ideas and interpret them for you? - not just work to a formula. To produce a fantastic wedding storybook album for you we need be able to all work together comfortably as a team.

  • The product

    Look carefully at the quality and variety of images shown, does the style suit your taste? You don't need to be an expert to know if the pictures look interesting and different. Insist on seeing complete sets of pictures, not just edited highlights, after all you want a whole album of beautiful photos, not just an odd good one! Also look at the variety and quality of the albums on offer and ask about the level of service that the photographer will provide.

  • The price range

    This is often the only question people may ask when searching for the right Wedding Photographer! Obviously important, but totally meaningless if you don't know what it's paying for.

    We have a range of flexible options to suit the smallest wedding on a limited budget right through to the most elaborate events with hundreds of guests in spectacular settings. There are no fixed packages that you are constrained by, you design what suits you, within your own budget. Refreshingly different!